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The Science Faculty at James Fallon High School delivers the Science syllabus in a way that allows students to develop as independent learners in a rich and dynamic context with excellent facilities.


The question often asked is why do we have to do Science? Science is studied so that students can:

  • Understand the world around us
  • Understand the role of Science in our society
  • Develop skills of planning and conducting investigations, gathering information and evaluating their findings
  • Act responsibly when using scientific equipment and applying scientific knowledge.
From their experiences in Science, students:
  • Predict, analyse, test, evaluate and respond to ideas to confirm, challenge or modify their interpretations
  • Have opportunities to learn through talking, listening, reading, viewing, drawing, making, enacting, experimenting and modelling

STAGES 4 & 5 (YEARS 7 TO 10) 

The study of Science in Stages 4 and 5 develops students’ scientific knowledge and understanding, skills, values and attitudes within broad areas of Science that encompass the traditional disciplines of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and the Earth Sciences.

As well as acquiring scientific knowledge and skills, students apply their understanding to everyday life and develop an appreciation of Science as a human activity.

Students learn about the need to conserve, protect and maintain the environment, the use and importance of technology in advancing Science and the role of Science in developing technology.

Students also develop an appreciation of, and skills in, selecting and using resources and systems to solve problems.

A mandatory component of the Science course includes the completion of a Student Research Project (SRP) in both Stage 4 and Stage 5:

  • Stage 4 SRP – a model illustrating a scientific principal, completed in Year 8. To have a look at examples of models submitted in recent years, click on the link: Year 8 Student Research Projects
  • Stage 5 SRP – an investigation/experiment to test an hypothesis. This SRP must be the student's own design and is to be completed in Year 9.


The Science courses offered in Stage 6 recognise that students may take different pathways beyond Stage 6; some continue with further study in Science, some continue with further study in other areas and others move on to the workforce.

The Science courses offered in Stage 6 include Physics, Chemistry, Biology, as well as an integrated Science course (Senior Science). The syllabus for each of these subject areas can be found at the Board of Studies website – click on the following link – Board of Studies
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Fun Stuff

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